Bar Transfer Test

For many practicing lawyer in Bangladesh, becoming a barrister is a life long dream. The Bar Standards Board (BSB) of UK has brought an excellent opportunity to make the dream come true in a shorter and smarter way. 

The BSB has the power to exempt qualified lawyers from the Academic, Vocational and/or Professional stages of training for the Bar of England and Wales. Such exemptions may be granted subject to passing certain sections of the Bar Transfer Test (which must be taken at a single sitting).BPP University of UK organises, sets and marks the BTT on behalf of the Bar Standards Board.

Prospective candidates must first apply to the BSB under one of the approved routes of transfer to the Bar. The relevant application forms are available to download  here.

The Bar Transfer Test consists of written papers and oral assessments. In addition, those candidates sitting the Advocacy assessment are required to attend a compulsory training course at the Test provider, before undertaking the assessment.

For the last few years Blackstone Institute has successfully organised BTT training jointly in Bangladesh and in the UK. If you are a Bangladeshi lawyer and dreaming high then look no further – contact us today.

for more information please visit Bar Standards Board