I feel welcome and cared that enabled me to ride on my career dream in banking

Our changing world, full of opportunities and challenge, is an exciting place. At Blackstone Institute, we open a door to that world. With our support, expertise and resources our students can experience full lives, successful careers and make their mark on society. With our guidance and commitment, all our students can polish their talents, and become active and independent learners taking confident strides towards a future they shape for themselves.

Our aims to provide alternatives to traditional education so that our student could pursue overseas degree from world class institutions. We have strong links with renowned universities and institutions in UK, USA, Australia, Canada and all over Europe that allows students to complete their higher education in the location of their dreams.

Blackstone Institute is now re-located at Purana Palton area which is the very heart of trade and commerce of Bangladesh and the education hub of Dhaka. We are well served by the public transport. Our library and IT facilities are very impressive. Interactive teaching methods and friendly administrative supports make us different.

This few words are designed to give a flavor of what Blackstone Institute offers its students but there is far more than we are able to show in this page. If you would like to see more, why not arrange a visit to our campus? You are welcome to visit our campus.