Blackstone Institute

Certificate for Specialists in Demand Guarantees (CSDG®)

CSDG develops practical knowledge and expertise in the use of guarantees including industry rules, legislation and the challenges relating to demand guarantees and standby credits.


CSDG Registry

The international CSDG Registry contains the names of individuals that hold the CSDG designation. Names are removed from the registry after three years if an individual has not successfully recertified .

Your name may take up to 30 days after receiving your pass results to appear in this registry. If your name does not appear or you have any queries, please contact Customer and Student Enquiries by email or on +44 (0)12 2781 8609.


Venue : Dhaka, Bangladesh

Registration Fee : Tk.70,000/=

Main Features of Our Blackstone

  1. 20+ regular classes.
  2. 02 full length mock tests.
  3. All lectures should be taken by highly qualified & renowned instructors.
  4. Detailed discussions on pertinent topics in the class room, relevant class presentations, highly beneficial reading materials for achieving superior understanding level etc.
  5. Review test will be held in every class.
  6. Well-furnished class room with multimedia projector and air condition facilities.

Course Fee

Course Fee : Tk.13,500/=


About the qualification

The Certificate for Specialists in Demand Guarantees qualification will develop students’ understanding in the use of guarantees, industry rules, legislation and the challenges relating to demand guarantees and standby credits. CSDG enables students to demonstrate a high level of expertise and improves knowledge and understanding of the complex issues associated with demand guarantee best practice.

Studying CSDG covers:

  1. Demand guarantees – including tender, performance and advance payment
  2. Indemnities, Suretyships and standby letters of credit and how they compare
  3. Scope of industry rules including URDG 758 and ISP98
  4. Parties involved in demand guarantees and their roles and obligations
  5. Risk issues, including types, control and mitigations
  6. Impact of external factors including governing law and force majeure

The Certificate for Specialists in Demand Guarantees is a Level 4 qualification registered with Ofqual in the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF).


CSDG is assessed through a 3-hour paper-based objective exam split into two sections:

  1. Section A – 50 multiple-choice questions
  2. Section B – 10 standalone multiple-choice questions, one case study with 6 linked multiple-choice questions and 6 simulation exercises

CSDG is examined in over 40 countries at designated international centres.


Upon completion of CSDG, your CSDG designation will remain valid for three years. To retain the designation, you are required to participate in the re-certification programme. Alternatively, you can register for and re-take the exam at the end of the three-year period.

Key Facts:

  1. Complete 24 hours of CPD learning within each three-year cycle
  2. CPD credit can be earned from a variety of different activitiesprovided the content is relevant to International Trade Finance
  3. Automatic inclusion in to the annual international CSDG registry
  4. Recertification fee: £200 (an additional £32 is charged for late submissions)
  5. View the Recertification Handbook (includes what to do if your CSDG designation expires on 30 April 2018)
  6. CSDG Course Approval Registry 2016 & 2017
  7. CSDG Course Approval Registry 2018

Qualification grading

The overall qualification will be graded Pass / Distinction. You must achieve a mark of 70% overall
(and 60% for Section B).

The qualification grade boundaries are as follows:
Grade Raw mark
Pass 70–94
Distinction 95–100